Waste Tire Clean-Up Program

IVRMA implements a Waste Tire Cleanup Program pursuant to Section 42889(b)(5) of the Public Resources Code. The purpose of this program is to conduct cleanup, abatement, or other remedial actions related to the regional disposal of Imperial County's illegally dumped waste tires.  The Waste Tire Cleanup Program includes the collection, removal, transportation, recycling, and disposal of Imperial County-collected waste tires from illegal tire piles and areas where illegal dumping has occurred along public rights-of-way.

The Waste Tire Clean Up program is associated with the collection of illegally dumped tires around the Imperial County region. IVRMA staff collects tires that have been unlawfully abandoned across the county limits of Imperial County (for example, roadside). IVRMA collaborates with the Imperial County Public Health Local Enforcement Agency to facilitate the collection of illegally deemed tires that are located inside the city limits. In addition, IVRMA works along with other organizations (such as municipalities, public works departments, and IID) to provide waste tire-collecting services and recover tires that have been unlawfully disposed of within their respective localities.

Reporting Illegal Tire Dumping

Tires dumped primarily onto the rights of way that spill over onto agriculturally zoned property are potentially eligible. If the illegal dumping of tires is located on private or public property, please report it through the Public Health Department Illegal Dumping Incident Form.

To report any illegally dumped tires on Imperial County lines, please call 1-800-RECYCLE. Please be ready to report:

  • Count of Tires

  • Location of Tires

  • Pictures (if any)