Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Every day, massive amounts of recyclables are created in Imperial County's offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities, restaurants, merchants, and breakrooms that we call "work." Recycling these products appropriately benefits the environment, guarantees compliance with recycling standards, and prevents additional expenses due to excessive contamination. Recycle correctly, and teach your coworkers and employees who handle your garbage and recycling system.

To get started, review these resources. At the minimum, place labels on your outdoor containers so they can be easily identified; place recycling posters near each of your recycling and trash containers; and share recycling guides and videos with your co-workers and/or janitorial/facilities staff via email and in person at your next staff meeting. It’s time to take your business back to the basics and rethink the way you recycle, from the breakroom to the boardroom!

Keeping recyclables separate from contaminants is key to reaching your organization's or business's sustainability goals. Learn more about how to correctly place and label bins and how to inform your employees and janitorial staff of proper recycling practices.

To learn more on how to properly recycle at your businesses check out our Recycling Guide for Businesses.